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Victoria Shopping Centre

362 Chartwell Square




Victoria Shopping Centre The Hammerson Development

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Sea of Change - Victoria Shopping Centre, The Hammerson Development Photos/Pictures, Southend-on-Sea

01:1968 Entrance to Multi Storey Car Park.02:1968 Garons/Multi Storey Car Park.03:1968 Entrance to Multi Storey Car Park.04:1968 Construction of  Victoria Shopping Centre from Queensway.05:1968 Temporary Bridge Constructed for Access.06:1968 Construction of Victoria Shopping Centre.07:1968 Victoria Circus.08:1968 Victoria Circus.09:1968 Victoria Circus.10:1969 Demolition at Victoria Circus.11:1969 Demolition at Victoria Circus.12:1969 Demolition at Victoria Circus.13:1969 Demolition at Victoria Circus.14:1969 Demolition at Victoria Circus.15:1969 Demolition at Victoria Circus.16:1969 Demolition at Victoria Circus.17:1969 Demolition at Victoria Circus.18:1969 New Escalator Victoria Shopping Centre Bridge.19:1969 New Escalator Victoria Shopping Centre Bridge.20:1969 New Escalator Victoria Shopping Centre Bridge.21:1969 New Multi Storey Car Park.22:1969 New Multi Storey Car Park.23:1969 Skyline View Victoria Shopping Centre.24:1969 Skyline View Victoria Shopping Centre.25:1969 Taylor Furnishing Stores, Victoria Circus.26:1969 Victoria Shopping Centre 1.27:1969 Victoria Shopping Centre 2.28:1969 Victoria Shopping Centre 3.29:1969 Victoria Shopping Centre 4.30:1969 Victoria Shopping Centre 5.31:1969 Victoria Shopping Centre 6.32:1969 Victoria Shopping Centre 7.33:1969 Victoria Shopping Centre 8.34:1969 Victoria Shopping Centre 9.35:1969 Victoria Shopping Centre 10.36:1970 Underpass ' The Deeping' Construction 1.37:1970 Underpass ' The Deeping' Construction 2.38:1970 Underpass ' The Deeping' Construction 3.39:1970 Underpass ' The Deeping' Construction 4.40:1970 Underpass ' The Deeping' Construction 5.41:1970 Underpass ' The Deeping' Construction 6.42:1970 Underpass ' The Deeping' Construction 7.43:1970 Underpass ' The Deeping' Construction 8.44:1970 Underpass ' The Deeping' Construction 9.45:1970 Underpass ' The Deeping' Construction 10.46:1970 Victoria Shopping Centre 1.47:1970 Victoria Shopping Centre 2.48:1970 Victoria Shopping Centre 3.49:1970 Victoria Shopping Centre 4.50:1970 Victoria Shopping Centre 5.51:1970 Victoria Shopping Centre 6.52:1970 Victoria Shopping Centre 7.53:1970 Victoria Shopping Centre 8.54:1970 Top Floor Victoria Shopping Centre.55:1973 Skyline View Victoria Shopping Centre.56:1973 Skyline View Victoria Shopping Centre.57:1973 Skyline View Victoria Shopping Centre.58:1973 Skyline View Victoria Shopping Centre.59:1973 Victoria Shopping Centre, Victoria Circus.60:1973 Victoria Shopping Centre.61:1981 Skyline View Victoria Shopping Centre.

Sea of Change  Victoria Shopping Centre, The Hammerson Development, Southend-on-Sea

Businesses that occupied the Victoria Shopping Centre in the early 1970s

Talza Way

Lipton-Supermarket, Adelstons-Gents Hairdressers, Vic Electrix-Domestic Appliances, C. Bennett-Jewellers, Ednas-Habidashery, Presto- Shoe Repairs, Garons-Restaurant, Pantiles Antiques, K. Royals Carpets, House of Holland-Discount Store, Stella Fabrics-Soft Furnishings, Pats-Sweet Shop, Cambella Cafe, Arcadia Gift Shop.

Churchill West

C & A, Nells Furnishings, Vision Hire-TV Rentals, Post Office, H. Samuels–Jewellers.

Churchill Square

David Grieg Ltd–Grocers, Smokers World, J. Curtis – Shoe Shop, Wimpy Bar, Hodges & Johnsons, West End Leather Goods, John Cornel–Ladies Hairdressers, Lipton–Supermarket, Marshmead–Grocers, Bright Ideas–Gift Shop, Vista Rentals–TV Rentals, Planters–Delicatessen, B. Saunders–Outfitters, Alfred Marks–Employment Bureau.

Churchill South

Bata Shoes, Chadwicks & Co–Jewellers, Terela–Ladies Outfitters, Victoria Shoes, Langtons Jewellers, Court Office Supplies, G. Norris Records.

High St

Foster Bros–Outfitters, Salisbury Leather Goods, Mister Byrite–Clothes Shop.

Southchurch Road

Van Allen–Ladies Fashions,Lennard Shoes, Peter Robinson–Ladies Outfitters, H. Fenton–Outfitters.

Chartwell West

C & A, Nells Furnishings, Citibank, Cann–TV Shop, John Temple–Outfitters, Mister Byrite–Clothes Shop, Just Pants–Boutique.

Chartwell North

Ryans Records, Come In–Cafe, Rubina Fashions–Ladies Outfitters, Lewis of Westminster–Confectioners.

Chartwell Square

Health Foods, Joys of Southend –Shoe Shop, Terrys Bookshop, MetalCrafts Ltd, Corals–Turf Accountants, Jay Tailors Ltd, Belson & Johnson-Opticians, Beejam-Frozen Foods, Marshall Fashions, Victory Book Shop, Higgs-Fur, Leather & Sheepskin Centre, Williams Ltd–Travel Agents, Garden of China–Chinese Restaurant, Bier Keller Bar, Intercon Disco, Bride on a Budget, Hobby Stores–Model Shop, Glaisters Carpets, Homefield Carpets.




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