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Victoria Avenue



Victoria Avenue

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Sea of Change - Victoria Avenue Photos/Pictures, Southend-on-Sea

01:1964 Victoria Avenue from Victoria Circus.02:1964 Victoria Avenue from Victoria Circus.03:1964 View from Civic Centre 1.04:1964 View from Civic Centre 2.05:1964 Victoria Avenue from Victoria Circus.06:1964 Victoria Avenue from Victoria Circus.07:1964 Victoria Avenue from Victoria Circus.08:1966 Victoria Avenue.09:1966 View from Victoria Avenue.10:1968 Garons Victoria Avenue/East Street.11:1968 Garons Victoria Avenue.12:1968 Victoria Avenue opp Blue Boar Pub.13:1968 Victoria Avenue.14:1968 Victoria Avenue.15:1968 Victoria Avenue viewed from Victoria Circus.16:1968 Victoria Railway Station Victoria Avenue.17:1969 Garons Demolished Victoria Avenue.18:1969 Garons and Parade of Shops Demolished.19:1969 College Canarvon Road, Civic Centre Victoria Avenue.20:1969 Skyline View of Civic Centre and Victoria Avenue.21:1968 Portcullis House Victoria Avenue.22:1969 Portcullis House Car Park.23:1969 Skyline View Victoria Avenue.24:1970 Victoria Railway Station Goods Yard Victoria Avenue/Bradley Street.25:1970 Portcullis House Carpark.26:1970 Victoria Avenue.27:1970 Skyline View of Victoria Avenue.28:1971 Skyline View of Civic Centre and Victoria Avenue.29:1971 Skyline View of Victoria Railway Station.30:1973 Alexander House Victoria Avenue.31:1973 Typical Office in Alexander House Victoria Avenue.32:1973 Victoria Avenue.33:1973 Skyline View of Victoria Avenue.34:1973 Skyline View of Victoria Railway Station.35:1974 Library Victoria Avenue.36:1974 St Mary's Church Victoria Avenue.37:1974 Skyline View Victoria Avenue.38:1975 Ticket Hall Victoria Railway Station Victoria Avenue.39:1975 Platforms Victoria Railway Station Victoria Avenue.




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