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Southend Waterworks, Langford Works.

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Sea of Change - Southend Waterworks -Southend-on-Sea

01:’All hands to the pumps’, Southend Waterworks. 02:c1920 Oakwood Reservoir. 03:1965, May, Demolition of the West Oakwood Reservoir. 04:1965, June, Demolition of the East Oakwood Reservoir. 05:1965, June, Excavation of Embankment East Oakwood Reservoir. 06:1965, June, Demolition of the West Oakwood Reservoir. 07:1965, June,  Excavation of the East Oakwood Reservoir. 08:1965, Aug,  East Oakwood Reservoir. 09:1965, Sept, Columns of Concrete, East Oakwood Reservoir. 10:1965, Oct, West Oakwood Reservoir. 11:1965, Oct, East Oakwood Reservoir. 12:1966, Jan, East Oakwood Reservoir. 13:1966, Jan, View Across East Oakwood Reservoir. 14:1966, June, Oakwood Reservoir Site. 15:1966,  Nov, Oakwood Reservoir Site. 16:1966, Nov, Oakwood Reservoir Site. 17:1966, Dec, Oakwood Reservoir Site. 18:1990s The Old Waterworks Site Cambridge Road Southend-on-Sea. 19:1990s English Heritage Blue Plaque The Old Waterworks Site Cambridge Road Southend-on-Sea.

Amateur Home Cine Film

Standard 8 Cine Film - Langford Works, Essex.

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01:1968, 22 August, Under Construction, The New Treatment Works, Langford. 02:1968, 23 September, Under Construction, The New Treatment Works, Langford.

Langford Works Essex

The Langford Works has been extracting water from the Rivers Chelmer, Ter and Blackwater and supplying water to Southend-on-Sea since the 1920s. The pumping station originally powered by steam delivered purified water to Oakwood Reservoir. To maintain an efficient water supply to the ever growing population a new electric plant came into operation in 1963 as part of an extension of the Hanningfield Raw Water Pumping Station. Problems renovating and difficulties with extensions of the pumping station and treatment plant half a mile away it seemed practical to construct a new works and in 1970 the new works were completed. Since, further expansion has taken place the old pumping station is now home to the Museum of Power which is open to the general public, the old treatment plant was demolished.




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