Sea of Change - Southend-on-Sea. Pier Hill Gallery 2. 01:1946 Corporation Inquiry Bureau Pier Hill Southend. 02:1961 The Ritz Cinema Southend. 03:1960s Pier Hill Southend. 04:1971 Pier Hill Southend. 05:1971 Pier Hill Southend. 06:1971 Pier Hill/ The Shrubbery/Royal Terrace Southend. 07:1971 Grand Pier Hotel/ The Ritz Cinema Southend. 08:1971 The Ritz Cinema Southend. 09:1977 Grand Pier Hotel Southend. 10:1977 Pier Hill Southend. 11:1977 Pier Hill/Grove Terrace Southend. 12:1977 Pier Hill/Grove Terrace Southend. 13:1977 Pier Hill/Grove Terrace Southend. 14:1977 Pier Hill/Grove Terrace Southend. 15:1977 Royal Hotel Pier Hill Southend. 16:1977 Royal Hotel Pier Hill Southend. 17:1977 The Ritz Cinema Southend. 18:1977 The Ritz Cinema Southend. 19:1977 The Ritz Cinema Southend. 20:1977 Pier Hill Southend. 21:1977 Pier Hill Southend. 22 1980s Royal Terrace Southend. Images Subject to Copyright.
Sea of Change - Southend-on-Sea. Pier Hill Gallery 1. 01:c1850 Pier Hill Southend. 02:1874 Royal Hotel Pier Hill Southend. 03:Baths Old House and Shrubbery Pier Hill Southend. 04:Late 1800s Pier Hill Southend. 05:Early 1900s Metropole Hotel Pier Hill Southend. 0 6:c1900 Pier Hill Southend. 07:c1900 Bullocks Store Pier Hill Southend. 08:c1900 Pier Hill/Royal Terrace Southend. 09:c1900 Pier Hill Southend. 10:c1900 Pier Hill Southend. 11:c1900 Metropole Hotel Pier Hill Southend. 12:c1900 Pier Hill Southend. 13:c1900 Pier Hill/Royal Terrace Southend. 14:c1900 Pier Hill/Royal Hotel Southend. 15:c1900 Pier Hill/High Street Southend. 16:c1900 Pier Hill/Marine Parade Southend. 17:c1900 Queen Victoria Pier Hill Southend. 18:c1900 Bandstand Pier Hill Southend. 19:1902 Queen Victoria Statue Coronation year Pier Hill Southend. 20:1919 Palace Hotel Pier Hill Southend. Images Subject to Copyright.
Pier Hill Gallery Southend-on-Sea

Sea of Change Southend-on-Sea

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Pier Hill Southend-on-Sea
The statue of Queen Victoria was presented to the town to mark the Queen’s diamond jubilee in 1897. The Memorial of Her Majesty’s glorious Reign was a gift from the Ex-Mayor, Mr Bernard Tollhurst, which was executed by J. M. Swynnerton at his studios in Rome. The memorial statue, pedestal and steps are made of Carrara Marble, the whole work standing something over twenty feet in height. The Queen is seated in a chair holding in her left hand a sceptre and pointing with her right over the sea. The original position selected was at the end of the High Street, and facing the mouth of the Thames so as to command the view of passing vessels. The pedestal and chair are Gothic in design - Tudor period - the drawings were made by  Mr. Edward Goldie, F.S.B.A. In 1962 the statue was moved from Pier Hill to her present position in Clifftown Parade.
Southend-on-Sea Pier Hill (formerly Royal Hill) Improvement Scheme Competition 1890s. This was the winning design boasting, Baths, Promenades, Shelters, Arcade, Bandstand, Reading Rooms and Clock Tower. Mr Thompson (of the firm of Thompson and Greenhalgh, a well known firm of local architects) competed in the competition, and his scheme was selected.

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Sea of Change Southend-on-Sea History in Pictures