Sea of Change Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

Profiling the deconstruction and radical modernisation of Southend-on-Sea.


Southend-on-Sea in Essex has seen many great changes since its early beginnings in the middle ages with a few fishermen's huts at the south end of Prittlewell. South End expanded in the 18th century with the building of a new town along the cliffs. With the arrival of the railway, almost a century later, the town was subject to further expansion. Day-trippers from inner city areas such as London flocked to the seaside and Southend became a popular holiday town.

In the late 1960s one of the biggest changes occurred in Southend's recent history, the Hammerson Development was constructed, the modernisation programme from then can still to be seen today.

To date Southend has been a subject of many books documenting its history our pictures have appeared in Ken Crowe’s publications and the local press.

Sea of Change depicts part of the modernisation that has taken place in Southend's long history.


This pictorial view of Southend-on-Sea was in part compiled from old photographs available so not all of the town's history is covered.

Pictures are partly from a collection of old amateur photographs taken around the town of Southend-on-Sea.

Sea of Change old pictures include the Civic Centre, Garons, Victoria Shopping Centre, Royals Shopping Centre, Odeon Cinema, Seafront, Royal Hotel, Grand Pier Hotel, Ritz, Kursaal and Peter Pans Playground just to name a few.

Sea of Change - Southend-on-Sea

Photo/Picture Content

Sea of Change - 1900s - 1910s Photos/Pictures of Southend-on-Sea

01:c1900 The Arcade & Royal (Pier) Hill, Southend-on-Sea.02:c1900 The Congregational Church, Nelson St, Southend-on-Sea.03:c1900 Marine Parade, East Beach, Southend-on-Sea.04:c1900 The Metropole Hotel (Palace Hotel), Southend-on-Sea.05:c1900 West Beach, Southend-on-Sea.

Sea of Change - 1920s - 1930s Photos/Pictures of Southend-on-Sea

01:c1920 Lad’s day out, photographed outside the Nelson Pub, North Road, Westcliff-on-Sea. 02:c1920 Ladies day out with Charabanc, pictured outside the Nelson Pub, North Road, Westcliff-on-Sea. 03:c1930 Day trippers enjoy the ride at the Kursaal Amusement Park, Southend-on-Sea. 04:c1930 Day trippers at the Kursaal Amusement Park, Southend-on-Sea. 05:c1930 Day trippers at the Kursaal Amusement Park, Southend-on-Sea. 06:c1935 Hamlet Court Road Junc Anerley Road looking towards London Road, Westcliff-on-Sea. 07:c1935 Day out in Westcliff-on-Sea. Picture taken in Hamlet Court Road. 08:1938 Class of, Westborough School, Westcliff-on-Sea.

Sea of Change - 1920s - 1930s Photos/Pictures of Southend-on-Sea

01:c1920 Lad’s day out, photographed outside the Nelson Pub, North Road, Westcliff-on-Sea.02:c1920 Ladies day out with Charabanc, pictured outside the Nelson Pub, North Road, Westcliff-on-Sea.03:c1930 Day trippers enjoy the ride at the Kursaal Amusement Park, Southend-on-Sea.04:c1935 Hamlet Court Road Junc Anerley Road looking towards London Road, Westcliff-on-Sea.05:c1935 Day out in Westcliff-on-Sea. Picture taken in Hamlet Court Road.06:1938 Class of, Westborough School, Westcliff-on-Sea.

Sea of Change - 1940s - 1950s Photos/Pictures of Southend-on-Sea

01:c1940 WW2 Civil Defence Poster, Southend-on-Sea.02:1944 London and North Eastern Railway, Victoria Station Home Guard, Southend-on-Sea .03:1947 WW2 Tank at Shoeburyness, Southend-on-Sea.04:1948 Cafe in the Dark, Kursaal Amusement Park, Southend-on-Sea.05:1948 The Chute, Kursaal Amusement Park, Southend-on-Sea.06:1949 Airport, Southend-on-Sea.07:1949 Chalkwell, Southend-on-Sea.08-09:c1950 Bob Lazell from Prittlewell, Southend-on-Sea, stands proud in front of his Corporation of Southend-on-Sea lorry.10:1956 The Bandstand Southend-on-Sea.11:1956 The Bandstand Southend-on-Sea, Demolished in 1957.

Sea of Change - 1960s - 1970s Photos/Pictures of Southend-on-Sea

01:1962 Winter, Fairfax Drive, Westcliff-on-Sea.02:1966 The Old Art School/College, Southend-on-Sea.03:1967 Billy Dainty, Backstage at the Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea.04:1968 The Co-Op Funeral Services, Southend-on-Sea.05:1969 Skyline view of Baxter Avenue and beyond, Southend-on-Sea.06:1969 On stage at the Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea.07:1969 Palace Theatre, Westcliff-on-Sea.08:1969 Times Furnishing, Southend-on-Sea.09-10:1969 Supa Save (Formerly the Strand, Essoldo Cinema), Southend-on-Sea.11:1970 Demolition of the Supa Save Building(Formerly the Strand, Essoldo Cinema), Southend-on-Sea.12:1970 Warrior Square Swimming Pool, Southend-on-Sea.13:1971 Balmoral Rd Flats under construction, St Pauls Church, Southend-on-Sea.14:1971 Balmoral Rd Flats under construction, Southend-on-Sea.15:1971 Balmoral Rd Flats, Southend-on-Sea.16:1971 Old Telephone Exchange, Southend-on-Sea.17:1971 Stage Door at the Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea.18:1975 Prittlewell Square, Southend-on-Sea.

Sea of Change - 1960s - 1970s Panoramic Views Photos/Pictures of Southend-on-Sea

01:1969 Panoramic view from Prittlewell footpath towards Civic Centre. 02:1977 The Boating Lake and Pavilion Lanes Home to Tenpin Bowling.03:1977 Taken from Southend Pier. Panoramic view of Pier Hill and Grove Terrace.04:1977 Taken from Southend Pier. Panoramic view of the seafront towards Shoeburyness.

Sea of Change - 1960s - 1970s Cine Film of Southend-on-Sea

01:1962 Seafront Illuminations, Southend-on-Sea. 02:1968 Carnival. Southend-on-Sea.  03:1968 Beach at Shoeburyness.  Southend-on-Sea. 04:1968 ThePier,  Southend-on-Sea. 05:Beach Shoeburyness,  Southend-on-Sea

Sea of Change - 1980s - 1990s Photos/Pictures of Southend-on-Sea

01:1989 Red Arrows Display Over The Estuary, Southend-on-Sea.02:1989 Airshow, Seafront, Southend-on-Sea.03:1989 Cambridge Road & Clifftown United Reformed Church, Southend-on-Sea.04:1990s The Old Waterworks Site Cambridge Road Southend-on-Sea.05:1990s English Heritage Blue Plaque The Old Waterworks Site Cambridge Road Southend-on-Sea.

Sea of Change - Railway Bridge Removal, High St 2013 Photos/Pictures, Southend-on-Sea

01-10:Photos/Pictures from February 2013.

Sea of Change - Southend Carnival Photos/Pictures, Southend-on-Sea

01:Southend Carnival August c1938, 02-07:Southend Carnival August 1949, 08-17:Southend Carnival August 1953, 18-25:Southend Carnival August 1968, 26-35:Southend Carnival August 1970, 36-42:Southend Carnival August 1976 & 43-46:Southend Carnival August 1977.

Sea of Change - Civic Centre Old Photo/Pictures, Southend-on-Sea

01:Civic Centre, Council Offices under construction Southend-on-Sea 1964. 02-07:1964 Views From Civic Centre 08:Civic Centre, Council Offices under construction Southend-on-Sea 1964. 09-11:Civic Centre Southend-on-Sea 1968. 12:Civic Centre Southend-on-Sea 1969. 13 Civic Centre and Southend College 14-15:Civic Centre Southend-on-Sea 1971. 16:Civic Coat of Arms Southend-on-Sea Motto: Per Mare Per Ecclesiam By Sea By Church. 17-19:Civic Centre Southend-on-Sea 1971. 20:Civic Centre,Council Offices & Sculptured Water Feature Southend-on-Sea 1973. 21:Civic Centre, Sculptured Water Feature  Southend-on-Sea 1973. 22:Civic Centre, Sculptured Water Feature  Southend-on-Sea 1973.

Sea of Change - North Road Cemetery Photos/Pictures, Southend-on-Sea

01: 03: 05: 07: 09: 11:North Road Cemetery 2005. 02: 04: 06: 08: 10: 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: 17: 18:North Road Cemetery 2015.

Sea of Change - Peter Pans Playground Photos/Pictures, Southend-on-Sea

01-03:1948 Peter Pans Playground. 04-09:1971 Peter Pans Playground.

Sea of Change -  The Pier Photos/Pictures, Southend-on-Sea

01:1947 Pier Entrance, Rear View.02:1948 'Watch the Birdie' Photo on the Pier.03:1948 'Through the arched window' on the Pier.04:1948 Lifeboat House, Pier Head.05:1950 Pier Illuminations.06:1950 Pier Illuminations.07:1950 Pier Illuminations.08:1950 Pier Illuminations.09:1952 Danish Boats Moored at the end of the Pier.10:1953 Boat moored by the Pier.11:1953 Pier Entrance under construction.12:1953 Pier Entrance under construction.13:1956 Pier Entrance.14:1956 Pier Pleasure Cruise.15:1961 Pier Head.16:1961 Pier Head.17:Pier Train.18:1968 Pier & Bowling Alley.19:1971 Pier Entrance from Pier Hill.20:1971 Pier Entrance from Western Esplanade.21:1971 Pier Entrance from Marine Parade.22:1971 Pier Entrance from Marine Parade.23:1973 Bowling Alley.24:1976 Pier Foreshore Offices.25:1976 Pier Head after the fire.26:1976 Pier Head after the fire.27:1976 Pier Head after the fire.28:1976 Pier Head after the fire..29:1976 Pier Head after the fire.30:1977 Pier Head.

Sea of Change - Pier Hill Photos/Pictures, Southend-on-Sea

01:1961 The Ritz Cinema, Southend-on-Sea.02:1971 The Boating Lake, Pier Hill, Southend-on-Sea.03:1971 Pier Hill, Southend-on-Sea.04:1971 Pier Hill, Southend-on-Sea.05:1971 Pier Hill/Royal Terrace, Southend-on-Sea.06:1971 Grand Pier Hotel/The Ritz Cinema, Southend-on-Sea.07:1971 The Ritz Cinema, Southend-on-Sea.08:1977 Grand Pier Hotel/The Ritz Cinema, Southend-on-Sea.09:1977 Grand Pier Hotel/The Ritz Cinema, Southend-on-Sea.10:1977 The Ritz Cinema/Royal Hotel, Pier Hill, Southend-on-Sea.11:1977 Grand Pier Hotel/The Ritz Cinema, Southend-on-Sea.12:1977 Grand Pier Hotel/The Ritz Cinema, Southend-on-Sea.13:1977 Royal Hotel, Pier Hill, Southend-on-Sea.14:1977 Royal Hotel, Pier Hill, Southend-on-Sea.15:1977 Royal Hotel, Pier Hill, Southend-on-Sea.16:1977 The Ritz Cinema, Southend-on-Sea.17:1977 Top of Pier Hill, Southend-on-Sea.18:1977 Top of Pier Hill, Southend-on-Sea.

Sea of Change - Priory Park Old Photos/Pictures, Southend-on-Sea

01:Prittlewell Priory, Priory Park Southend-on-Sea 1948. 02:Priory Park Southend-on-Sea 1948. 03:Swan in Priory Park Southend-on-Sea 1948. 04-06:Winter Scene Priory Park Southend-on-Sea 1960. 07:Feeding the Swan’s in Priory Park Southend-on-Sea 1960. 08-09:Priory Park Southend-on-Sea 1973. 10:Inside Prittlewell Priory, Priory Park Southend-on-Sea 1973. 11-14:Priory Park Southend-on-Sea 1973.

Sea of Change - Queensway Photos/Pictures, Southend-on-Sea

01:1966 Old Art School/College Dowsett Avenue Demolished  for Queensway.02:1968 Queensway.03:1968 Queensway.04:1968 Queensway.05:1968 Queensway.06:1968 Queensway.07:1968 Queensway.08:1968 Queensway.09:1968 Queensway/Victoria Railway Station.10:1968 Queensway.11:1969 Alexander House Site Queensway.12:1968 Escalator for shopping center bridge Queensway.13:1969 Health Centre Site Queensway.14:1969 Multi- Storey Car Park Queensway.15:1969 Multi- Storey Car Park Queensway.16:1969 Multi- Storey Car Park Queensway.17:1969 Queensway.18:1969 Skyline View of Queensway.19:1969 Skyline View of Queensway.20:1970 Bus Station Queensway.21:1970 Alexander House Foundations/Bus Station Queensway.22:1970 Queensway.23:1970 Alexander House Foundations/Bus Station Queensway.24:1970 Alexander House Queensway.25:1970 Bus Station Queensway.26:1970 Queensway.27:1970 Queensway.28:1970 Queensway.29:1970 Old College Queensway.30:1970 Old College Queensway.31:1970 Old College Queensway.32:1971 Skyline View Queensway.33:1973 Alexander House.34:1973 Skyline View Queensway.35:1973 Skyline View Queensway.36:1974 Skyline View Health Centre Site Queensway.37:1977 Southchurch Underpass Queensway.

Sea of Change - Royals Shopping Centre & High Street, Old Photos/Pictures, Craig Smith Southend-on-Sea

01:April 1986 Royals Shopping Centre, Construction Site, Southend-on-Sea. 02:April 1986 Royals Shopping Centre, Construction Site, Southend-on-Sea. 03:April 1986 Royals Shopping Centre, Construction Site, Southend-on-Sea. 04:November 1986 High Street, Southend-on-Sea. 05:November 1986 High Street, Southend-on-Sea. November 1986 High Street, Southend-on-Sea. November 1986 Royals Shopping Centre, Construction Site, Southend-on-Sea. 08:November 1986 Royals Shopping Centre, Construction Site, Southend-on-Sea. 09:November 1986 Royals Shopping Centre, Construction Site, Southend-on-Sea. 10:November 1986 Royals Shopping Centre, Construction Site, Southend-on-Sea. 11:November 1986 Royals Shopping Centre, Construction Site, Southend-on-Sea. 12:November 1986 Royals Shopping Centre, Construction Site, Southend-on-Sea. 13:1988 Royals Shopping Centre, Southend-on-Sea.

Sea of Change - Seafront Photos/Pictures, Southend-on-Sea

01:1949 Golden Hind/Palace Hotel.02:1950 Kursaal Illuminations.03:1950 Pier Illuminations.04:1950 Kursaal Illuminations.05:1950 Seafront Illuminations.06:1950 Seafront Illuminations.07:1950 Kursaal Illuminations.08:1953 Pier Entrance.09:1953 Pier Entrance.10:1956 Pier Entrance.11:1962 Kursaal Illumination.12:1971 Western Esplanade.13:1971 Boating Lake/Pier Hill,14:1971 Pier Entrance.15:1971 Pier Entrance Western Esplanade.16:1971 Pier Entrance Marine Parade .17:1971 Pier Entrance Marine Parade .18:1973 Kursaal.19:1976 From the Pier Foreshore Offices Western Esplanade.20:1976 Foreshore Offices Western Esplanade.21:1977 Royal Hotel Pier Hill.22:1977 Boating Lake  Marine Parade and Beyond.23:1977 Boating Lake  Marine Parade.24:1977 Top of Pier Hill.25:1977 View towards Shoeburyness from the Pier.

Sea of Change - Southend Waterworks -Southend-on-Sea

01:’All hands to the pumps’, Southend Waterworks. 02:c1920 Oakwood Reservoir. 03:1965, May, Demolition of the West Oakwood Reservoir. 04:1965, June, Demolition of the East Oakwood Reservoir. 05:1965, June, Excavation of Embankment East Oakwood Reservoir. 06:1965, June, Demolition of the West Oakwood Reservoir. 07:1965, June,  Excavation of the East Oakwood Reservoir. 08:1965, Aug,  East Oakwood Reservoir. 09:1965, Sept, Columns of Concrete, East Oakwood Reservoir. 10:1965, Oct, West Oakwood Reservoir. 11:1965, Oct, East Oakwood Reservoir. 12:1966, Jan, East Oakwood Reservoir. 13:1966, Jan, View Across East Oakwood Reservoir. 14:1966, June, Oakwood Reservoir Site. 15:1966,  Nov, Oakwood Reservoir Site. 16:1966, Nov, Oakwood Reservoir Site. 17:1966, Dec, Oakwood Reservoir Site. 18:1990s The Old Waterworks Site Cambridge Road Southend-on-Sea. 19:1990s English Heritage Blue Plaque The Old Waterworks Site Cambridge Road Southend-on-Sea.

Sea of Change - Victoria Avenue Photos/Pictures, Southend-on-Sea

01:1964 Victoria Avenue from Victoria Circus.02:1964 Victoria Avenue from Victoria Circus.03:1964 View from Civic Centre 1.04:1964 View from Civic Centre 2.05:1964 Victoria Avenue from Victoria Circus.06:1964 Victoria Avenue from Victoria Circus.07:1964 Victoria Avenue from Victoria Circus.08:1966 Victoria Avenue.09:1966 View from Victoria Avenue.10:1968 Garons Victoria Avenue/East Street.11:1968 Garons Victoria Avenue.12:1968 Victoria Avenue opp Blue Boar Pub.13:1968 Victoria Avenue.14:1968 Victoria Avenue.15:1968 Victoria Avenue viewed from Victoria Circus.16:1968 Victoria Railway Station Victoria Avenue.17:1969 Garons Demolished Victoria Avenue.18:1969 Garons and Parade of Shops Demolished.19:1969 College Canarvon Road, Civic Centre Victoria Avenue.20:1969 Skyline View of Civic Centre and Victoria Avenue.21:1968 Portcullis House Victoria Avenue.22:1969 Portcullis House Car Park.23:1969 Skyline View Victoria Avenue.24:1970 Victoria Railway Station Goods Yard Victoria Avenue/Bradley Street.25:1970 Portcullis House Carpark.26:1970 Victoria Avenue.27:1970 Skyline View of Victoria Avenue.28:1971 Skyline View of Civic Centre and Victoria Avenue.29:1971 Skyline View of Victoria Railway Station.30:1973 Alexander House Victoria Avenue.31:1973 Typical Office in Alexander House Victoria Avenue.32:1973 Victoria Avenue.33:1973 Skyline View of Victoria Avenue.34:1973 Skyline View of Victoria Railway Station.35:1974 Library Victoria Avenue.36:1974 St Mary's Church Victoria Avenue.37:1974 Skyline View Victoria Avenue.38:1975 Ticket Hall Victoria Railway Station Victoria Avenue.39:1975 Platforms Victoria Railway Station Victoria Avenue.

Sea of Change - Victoria Circus - High Street Photos/Pictures, Southend-on-Sea

01:1948 Odeon Cinema, High Street.02:1949 Victoria Circus/High Street.03:1953 Victoria Circus.04:1954 Odeon Cinema, High Street.05:1954 Victoria Circus at Christmas.06:1958 Dixons, Victoria Circus at Christmas.07:1958 Garons, Victoria Circus at Christmas.08:1958 Keddies, High Street at Christmas.09:1964 Garons, Victoria Circus.10:1964 Garons, Victoria Circus.11:1964 Municipal College.12:1964 Municipal College.13:1964 Victoria Circus.14:1964 Garons, Victoria Circus.15:1964 Victoria Circus.16:1964 Garons, Victoria Hotel, Dixons Victoria Circus.17:1964 Victoria Circus.18:1964 Victoria Circus.19:1966 Victoria Hotel, Keddies, Dixons Victoria Circus.20:1966 Garons Corner, Victoria Hotel Victoria Hotel.21:1966 Talmage Buildings, Victoria Circus.22:1966 Victoria Circus from Victoria Railway Station.23:1966 Victoria Circus, Victoria Railway Station.24:1966 Victoria Circus.25:1966 Victoria Circus from Victoria Railway Station.26:1966 Garons, Victoria Hotel Victoria Circus.27:1966 Garons, Victoria Hotel, Dixons Victoria Circus.28:1966 Victoria Hotel Victoria Circus.29:1966 Victoria Railway Station.30:c1967 Garons, Victoria Circus.31:c1967 Garons, Victoria Circus.32:c1967 Garons, Victoria Circus.33:1968 Dixons, High Street, Victoria Circus.34:1968 Municipal College.35:1968 Victoria Railway Station Victoria Circus.36:1968 Victoria Railway Station Victoria Circus.37:1968 Victoria Circus, Victoria Avenue.38:1968 Victoria Railway Station Victoria Circus.39:1968 Victoria Hotel Victoria Circus.40:1968 Victoria Hotel Victoria Circus.41:1969 Garons Victoria Circus, High Street.42:1969 Garons, Victoria Circus.43:1969 British Home Stores, High Street.44:1969 British Home Stores, High Street.45:1969 Demolition Victoria Circus.46:1969 Demolition Victoria Circus.47:1969 Demolition Victoria Circus.48:1969 Demolition Victoria Circus.49:1969 Skyline Keddies, High Street.50:1969 Skyline Victoria Shopping Centre.51:1970 Alexander House.52:1970 Municipal College, Victoria Circus.53:1970 High Street.54:1970 High Street.55:1970 Municipal College, Victoria Shopping Centre.56:1970 Municipal College, Victoria Shopping Centre.57:1971 Skyline Victoria Shopping Centre58:1972 High Street.59:1972 Alexander House, Victoria Circus.60:1972 Back of Keddies61:1972 Keddies, High Street.62:1973 Barclays Bank, High Street.63:1973 Dixons, High Street.64:1973 Dixons, High Street.65:1973 Dixons, High Street.66:1973 Dixons, Victoria Circus.67:1973 High Street.68:1973 Skyline Victoria Shopping Centre.69:1973 Skyline Victoria Shopping Centre.70:1973 Skyline Victoria Shopping Centre.71:1973 Victoria Shopping Centre, Victoria Circus.72:1974 Odeon Cinema, High Street.73:1977 British Home Stores, High Street.74:1977 High Street, Pier Hill End.75:1977 High Street, Pier Hill End.76:1977 High Street, Pier Hill End.77:1977 High Street, Pier Hill End.78:1981 Skyline Victoria Shopping Centre.

Sea of Change - Victoria Shopping Centre, The Hammerson Development Photos/Pictures, Southend-on-Sea

01:1968 Entrance to Multi Storey Car Park.02:1968 Garons/Multi Storey Car Park.03:1968 Entrance to Multi Storey Car Park.04:1968 Construction of  Victoria Shopping Centre from Queensway.05:1968 Temporary Bridge Constructed for Access.06:1968 Construction of Victoria Shopping Centre.07:1968 Victoria Circus.08:1968 Victoria Circus.09:1968 Victoria Circus.10:1969 Demolition at Victoria Circus.11:1969 Demolition at Victoria Circus.12:1969 Demolition at Victoria Circus.13:1969 Demolition at Victoria Circus.14:1969 Demolition at Victoria Circus.15:1969 Demolition at Victoria Circus.16:1969 Demolition at Victoria Circus.17:1969 Demolition at Victoria Circus.18:1969 New Escalator Victoria Shopping Centre Bridge.19:1969 New Escalator Victoria Shopping Centre Bridge.20:1969 New Escalator Victoria Shopping Centre Bridge.21:1969 New Multi Storey Car Park.22:1969 New Multi Storey Car Park.23:1969 Skyline View Victoria Shopping Centre.24:1969 Skyline View Victoria Shopping Centre.25:1969 Taylor Furnishing Stores, Victoria Circus.26:1969 Victoria Shopping Centre 1.27:1969 Victoria Shopping Centre 2.28:1969 Victoria Shopping Centre 3.29:1969 Victoria Shopping Centre 4.30:1969 Victoria Shopping Centre 5.31:1969 Victoria Shopping Centre 6.32:1969 Victoria Shopping Centre 7.33:1969 Victoria Shopping Centre 8.34:1969 Victoria Shopping Centre 9.35:1969 Victoria Shopping Centre 10.36:1970 Underpass ' The Deeping' Construction 1.37:1970 Underpass ' The Deeping' Construction 2.38:1970 Underpass ' The Deeping' Construction 3.39:1970 Underpass ' The Deeping' Construction 4.40:1970 Underpass ' The Deeping' Construction 5.41:1970 Underpass ' The Deeping' Construction 6.42:1970 Underpass ' The Deeping' Construction 7.43:1970 Underpass ' The Deeping' Construction 8.44:1970 Underpass ' The Deeping' Construction 9.45:1970 Underpass ' The Deeping' Construction 10.46:1970 Victoria Shopping Centre 1.47:1970 Victoria Shopping Centre 2.48:1970 Victoria Shopping Centre 3.49:1970 Victoria Shopping Centre 4.50:1970 Victoria Shopping Centre 5.51:1970 Victoria Shopping Centre 6.52:1970 Victoria Shopping Centre 7.53:1970 Victoria Shopping Centre 8.54:1970 Top Floor Victoria Shopping Centre.55:1973 Skyline View Victoria Shopping Centre.56:1973 Skyline View Victoria Shopping Centre.57:1973 Skyline View Victoria Shopping Centre.58:1973 Skyline View Victoria Shopping Centre.59:1973 Victoria Shopping Centre, Victoria Circus.60:1973 Victoria Shopping Centre.61:1981 Skyline View Victoria Shopping Centre.

Sea of Change - Old Town Photos/Pictures of Southend-on-Sea

01:Kursaal 1948. 02:Odeon Cinema 1948. 03:Peter Pans Playground 1948. 04:Pier Head 1948. 05:Priory Park 1948. 06:Airport Restaurant 1949. 07:Chalkwell 1949. 08:Kursaal 1949. 09:Palace Hotel 1949. 10:Victoria Circus 1949. 11:Pier Head 1952. 12:Pier Entrance 1 1952. 13:Pier Entrance 2 1952. 14:Victoria Circus 1953. 15:Odeon Cinema 1954. 16:Victoria Circus Xmas 1954. 17:Pier Entrance 1956. 18:Pier Head 1956. 19:Dixons 1958. 20:Garons 1958. 21:Keddies 1958. 22:Pier Head 1961. 23:Pier Train 1961 .24:The Ritz Cinema 1961. 25:Civic Centre 1 1964. 26:Civic Centre 2 1964. 27:Garons 1 1964. 28:Garons 2 1964. 29:Municipal College 1 1964. 30:Municipal College 2 1964. 31:Victoria Circus 1 1964. 32:Victoria Circus 2 1964. 33:Victoria Circus 3 1964. 34:Victoria Circus 4 1964. 35:View From Civic Centre 1 1964. 36:View From Civic Centre 2 1964. 37:View From Civic Centre 3 1964. 38:View From Civic Centre 4 1964. 39:View From Civic Centre 5 1964. 40:View From Civic Centre 6 1964. 41:View From Victoria Circus 1 1964. 42:View From Victoria Circus 2 1964. 43:Dixons, Keddies & Victoria Hotel 1966. 44:Garons Cnr & Victoria Hotel 1966. 45:Old Art School 1966. 46:Talmage Buildings 1966. 47:View From Victoria Station 1966. 48:Victoria Circus 1 1966. 49:Victoria Circus 2 1966. 50:Victoria Circus 3 1966. 51:Victoria Circus 4 1966. 52:Victoria Circus & Victoria Station 1966. 53:Victoria Hotel 1966. 54:Victoria Station 1966. 55:Civic Centre 1 1968. 56:Civic Centre 2 1968. 57:Civic Centre 3 1968. 58:Co-Op Funeral Directors 1968. 59:Entrance Multi-Storey Car Park 1 1968. 60:Garons/Multi-Storey Car Park 1968. 61:Garons Prittlewell 1968. 62:Multi-Storey Car Park 1968. 63:Municipal College 1968. 64:Queensway 1 1968. 65:Queensway 2 1968. 66: Queensway 3 1968. 67:Temporary Foot Bridge/Victoria Circus 1968. 68:Victoria Ave 1 1968. 69:Victoria Ave 2 1968. 70:Victoria Circus 1 1968. 71:Victoria Circus 2 1968. 72:Victoria Circus 3 1968. 73:Victoria Circus 4 1968. 74:Victoria Circus 5 1968. 75:Victoria Circus 6 1968. 76:Victoria Circus 7 1968. 77:Victoria Circus 8 1968. 78:Victoria Railway Station. 79:Skyline View Baxter Ave. 80:Alexander House Site 1969. 81:Victoria Circus 1 1969. 82:Victoria Circus 2 1969. 83:British Home Stores 1 1969. 84:British Home Stores 2 1969. 85:Blue Boar Junction 1969. 86:Civic Centre & College 1969. 87:Skyline View Civic Centre 1969. 88:Demolition Victoria Circus 1 1969. 89:Demolition Victoria Circus 2 1969. 90:Demolition Victoria Circus 3 1969. 91:Demolition Victoria Circus 4 1969. 92:Demolition Victoria Circus 5 1969. 93:Demolition Victoria Circus 6 1969. 94:Demolition Victoria Circus 7 1969. 95:Demolition Victoria Circus 8 1969. 96:Demolition Victoria Circus 9 1969. 97:Victoria Circus New Escalators 1969. 98:Victoria Circus New Escalators 2 1969. 99:Health Centre Site 1969. 100:Skyline Keddies 1969. 101:Multi-Storey Car Park Entrance 11969. 102:Multi-Storey Car Park Entrance 2 1969. 103:Palace Theatre 1969. 104:Skyline Victoria Shopping Centre 1969. 105:Supasave 1 1969. 106:Supasave 2 1969. 107:Taylor Furnishing Store 1969. 108:Times Furnishings Store 1969. 109:Victoria Shopping Centre 1 1969. 110:Victoria Shopping Centre 2 1969. 111:Victoria Shopping Centre 3 1969. 112:Victoria Shopping Centre 4 1969. 113:Victoria Shopping Centre 5 1969. 114:Victoria Shopping Centre 6 1969. 115:Victoria Shopping Centre 7 1969. 116:Victoria Shopping Centre 8 1969. 117:Victoria Shopping Centre 9 1969. 118:Victoria Shopping Centre 10 1969. 119:Alexander House Foundations 1970. 120:Alexander House 1970. 121:Bus Station 1970. 122:High Street 1 1970. 123:High Street 2 1970. 124:High Street & College 1970. 125 Municipal College 1970. 126:Alexander House & Queensway 1970. 127:Queensway 1970. 128:Supasave 1970. 129:Underpass Construction 1 1970. 130:Underpass Construction 2 1970. 131:Underpass Construction 3 1970. 132:Underpass Construction 4 1970. 133:Underpass Construction 5 1970. 134:Underpass Construction 6 1970. 135:Underpass Construction 7 1970. 136:Underpass Construction 8 1970. 137:Underpass Construction 9 1970. 138:Underpass Construction 10 1970. 139:Victoria Ave 1970. 140:Victoria Shopping Centre 1 1970. 141:Victoria Shopping Centre 2 1970. 142:Victoria Shopping Centre 3 1970. 143:Victoria Shopping Centre 4 1970. 144:Victoria Shopping Centre 5 1970. 145:Victoria Shopping Centre 6 1970. 146:Victoria Shopping Centre 7 1970. 147:Victoria Shopping Centre 8 1970. 148:Warrior Square Swimming Pool 1970. 149:Boating Lake, Pier Hill 1971. 150:Civic Centre 1 1971. 151:Civic Centre 2 1971.  152:Civic Centre 3 1971. 153:Municipal College 1 1971. 154:Municipal College 2 1971. 155:Municipal College 3 1971. 156:Peter Pans Playground 1 1971. 157:Peter Pans Playground 2 1971. 158:Peter Pans Playground 3 1971. 159:Peter Pans Playground 4 1971. 160:Peter Pans Playground 5 1971.  161:Pier Entrance 1 1971. 162:Pier Entrance 2 1971. 163:Pier Entrance 3 1971. 164:Pier Entrance 4 1971. 165:Pier Hill 1 1971. 166:Pier Hill 2 1971. 167:Pier Hill & Royal Terrace 1971. 168:Pier Hotel, Ritz & The Palace Hotel 1971. 169:The Ritz 1 1971. 170:The Ritz 2 1971. 171:Victoria Circus 1971. 172:High Street 1 1972. 173:High Street 2 1972. 174:Back of Keddies 1972. 175:Keddies 1972. 176:Alexander House 1973. 177:Barclays Bank High Street 1973. 178:Bus Station & Technical College 1973. 179:Dixons 1 1973. 180:Dixons 2 1973. 181:Dixons 3 1973. 182:Dixons 4 1973. 183:Kursaal 1973. 184:View Left Of Southend Shopping Centre 1973. 185:View Right Of Southend Shopping Centre 1973.  186:Victoria Shopping Centre 1973. 187:Victoria Avenue 1973. 188:Victoria Circus 1973. 189:Victoria Circus Shopping Centre 1973. 190:Victoria Railway Station 1973. 191:Health Centre 1974. 192:New Library 1974. 193:Odeon Cinema 1974. 194:Victoria Ave 1974. 195:Foreshore Offices Pier Approach 1976. 196:Pier Head 1 1976. 197:Pier Head 2 1976. 198:Pier Head 3 1976. 199:Pier Head 4 1976.  200:British Home Stores 1977. 201:Grand Pier Hotel & The Ritz Cinema 1977. 202:Grove Terrace 1 1977. 203:Grove Terrace 2 1977. 204:Grove Terrace 3 1977. 205:Grove Terrace & The Ritz Cinema 1977. 206:High Street 1 1977. 207:High Street 2 1977. 208:Royal Hotel 1 1977. 209:Royal Hotel 2 1977. 210:The Ritz Cinema 1977. 211:Southchurch, Queensway Underpass 1977. 212:The Ritz Cinema 1977. 213:Top Of Pier Hill 1977. 214:Pier Hill 1977. 215:Victoria Shopping Centre 1981.

Sea of Change - Past and Present Photos/Pictures of Southend-on-Sea

01:Odeon Cinema 1948. 02:College-Barclays Bank 2012. 03:Alexander House 1973. 04:Alexander House 2012. 05:Victoria Shopping Centre 1970. 06:Victoria Plaza Shopping Centre 2012.

Sea of  Change - Southend 2012 Photos/Pictures of Southend-on-Sea

01:Adventure Island 1. 02:Adventure Island 2. 03:Adventure Island 3. 04:Alexander House 1. 05:Alexander House 2. 06:Alexander House/Victoria Circus. 07:Kursaal. 08:Kursaal Dome. 09:London Road/High Street. 10:Odeon Cinema. 11:Old B and Q Site/Queensway. 12:Queensway. 13:Seafront 1. 14:Seafront 2. 15:Seafront 3. 16:Statue The Reunion/Victoria Circus. 17:University Accommodation Complex. 18:Victoria Avenue 1. 19:Victoria Avenue 2. 20:Victoria Avenue 3. 21:Victoria Avenue 4. 22:Victoria Circus 1. 23:Victoria Circus 2. 24:Victoria Circus 3. 25:Victoria Circus 4. 26:Victoria Circus 5. 27:Victoria Circus 6. 28:Victoria Circus/High Street. 29:Victoria Circus/Queensway 1. 30:Victoria Circus/Queensway 2. 31:Victoria Plaza Shopping Centre. 32:Victoria Plaza Shopping Centre/Queensway. 33:Victoria Railway Station 1. 34:Victoria Railway Station 2. 35:W.H.Smiths/Victoria Circus.

    • 1977 Pier Hill Southend-on-Sea
    • 1970 High Street Southend-on-Sea
    • 1949 Victoria Circus Southend-on-Sea
  • 1953 Boat moored by the Pier Southend-on-Sea Sea of Change 500 + Photos of Southend-on-Sea.

  • 1977 Pier Hill Southend-on-Sea Sea of Change Profiling the deconstruction and the radical modernisation of Southend-on-Sea.
    • 1973 High Street Southend-on-Sea
    • 1973 Victoria Shopping Centre Southend-on-Sea
    • 1977 Marine Parade Southend-on-Sea
    • 2012 Marine Parade Southend-on-Sea


05 Old Time Photos of Southend-on-Sea


10 Railway Bridge removal photos from the High Street Southend-on-Sea

Bridge High St


46 Old photos + Cine Film of the Carnival Southend-on-Sea


22 Old Photos of the Civic Centre  Southend-on-Sea

Civic Centre

18 Old Photos of the Cemetery North Road Southend-on-Sea

North Rd Cemetery

09 Old Photos of Peter Pans Playground Southend-on-Sea

Peter Pans Playground

30 Old Photos  of the The Pier + Cine Film



18 Old Photos of Pier Hill  Southend-on-Sea

Pier Hill

14 Old Photos of Priory Park Southend-on-Sea

Priory Park

37 Old Photos of Queensway



13 Old Town Photos of The Royals Shopping Centre & High St Southend-on-Sea

Photos by Craig Smith

Royals Shopping Centre & High St


25 Old Photos of the Seafront + Cine Film Southend-on-Sea

Southend Waterworks

19 Old Photos The Southend Waterworks

Southend-on-Sea + Cine Film of Langford Works

Victoria Avenue

39 Old Photos of Victoria Avenue Southend-on-Sea

Victoria Circus - High Street

78 Old Photos of Victoria Circus-High Street Southend-on-Sea

Victoria Shopping Centre

61 Old Photos of Victoria Shopping Centre  Southend-on-Sea

Profiling Carol Edwards

Local Author

Carol Edwards

Profiling Roy Dilley

Local Author & Cinema Enthusiast

Roy Dilley

Old Town Photos of Southend

Collection of 215 Old Town Photos from Categories in Southend-on-Sea

06 Town Photos of Southend-on-Sea from the past and present

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Past & Present


35 Town Photos of Southend-on-Sea from 2012

Southend 2012

25 Old Advertisements



03 Old Town Maps of


Southend Maps

The Changing Face of Southend-on-Sea Public Information Booklet

Changing Face of Southend



08 Old Time Photos of Southend-on-Sea


12 Old Time Photos of Southend-on-Sea


18 Old Time Photos +

4 Panoramic Views of


05 Old Time Photos of Southend-on-Sea




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